There are few gardens that couldn’t be improved by adding water. We are not only noted for our full line of water gardening materials but also for our experienced and knowledgeable staff. Let us help you select what you really need for your water gardening adventure. We stock a full line of aquatic plants and have fish and other critters you need to make ponding fun. We carry all the other necessary supplies such as liners, preformed ponds, pumps, filters and accessories to make your water garden experience enjoyable. Be sure to visit our lovely display ponds, there are several to see. Sign up for one or two of the interesting water garden seminars that are held throughout the year.


Choose from the largest variety of plants offered in the area. We carry both hardy and tropical marginal plants and Water Lilies, Lotus, Anacharis, Water Lettuce and Water Hyacinths. Each year we add additional new and exciting varieties. We carry all the supplies necessary for fertilizing and potting of your plants.


We have hundreds of filters in stock from simple filters, combination Ultraviolet-Biological pressurized and gravity flow filters to Skimmer type filters. Filters are available for 40 gallon ponds to over 5000 gallon ponds. We also stock Waterfall Biological Filters. Filter replacement materials are available precut or in bulk rolls in different thicknesses and densities. We stock all the necessary fittings to complete the job. Some names you will find are ANIMATE, LAGUNA, PONDMASTER, and ATLANTIC. We carry Microbe-Lift and Strata bacteria to jump start your pond. Ultraviolet lights are available from 8 Watt to 57 Watt by AQUA ULTRAVIOLET, LAGUNA, ANIMATE, and PONDMASTER (DANNER). Some models are submersible.


We stock various sizes of pumps from 45 GPH to over 6500 GPH models. In addition to pumps, we have all the necessary fittings, hoses, valves, fountain heads and more. We stock pumps and parts for Magentic and HyDrive PONDMASTER, LAGUNA, and SAVIO. You will be impressed with our large selection and "we have the trained personnel to help you find the right selection."


Choose your pond fish from the many varieties we offer, such as regular and Sarassa Comets, Fantails, Shubunkins, Butterfly, Domestic, and Imported Koi. We have tadpoles in various sizes and trapdoor snails too. Fish are one of the most enjoyable additions to your garden pond, they are the “jewels” of the water garden.


We stock preformed ponds, spillways and waterfall rocks from several suppliers. These are perfect for the do-it-yourselfer with limited space. Most can be installed in a weekend.


We carry 45 mil EPDM fish safe rubber liners in 10’, 15’. 20’ and 25’ width by any length you want up to 100’. We cut to size and stock small pieces suitable for use in streams and waterfalls.


Stone is sold by the pallet, 1/2 pallet, 1/4 pallet or by the pound. We stock many styles and colors to blend with any landscape. Some of the stone we carry for pond edging or waterfalls are: Field Stone – many sizes, Boulders – many sizes, River Rocks – many sizes, Bluewall Stone, Quarried Rocks, Waterfall Stone.