We carry an extensive variety of annuals, lush hanging baskets, container gardens, mums and more. Our annuals include unusual varieties such as morning glories, cannas, cleomes and Proven Winner varieties. If you need help with selecting annuals for your landscape, containers or window boxes, our helpful staff is here to serve you.



With our selection of perennials, one of the largest in the area, you are sure to find what you are looking for and more. You'll find perennials for sun, shade, old-fashioned favorites and the newest varieties. We carry Daylilies, Ornamental Grasses, Ferns, Hostas, Clematis and other Vines, and all in a variety of sizes to suit your planting needs. If you don't see what you are looking for just ask. 

Our experienced staff is available to make suggestions, answer questions, help in designing and planning your beds and assist you in getting just the perfect perennial for that special spot. 


Trees are a vital part of the landscape. They give us shade and privacy, save energy, serve as windbreaks and soften the harsh lines of buildings. We enjoy them for the beauty of their flowers,their foliage and the often-unique characteristics they add to the landscape. Glenmar Nursery carries a vast line of Evergreens, Shade and Ornamental trees.

Evergreen Trees - Provide screening and windbreaks but they can be used as accents as well. We carry a large selection of evergreens including Spruce, Firs, Pines and unusual evergreens as Weeping White Pine, Serbian Spruce, Blue Atlas Cedar, Limber Pine, and Japanese White Pine. All are available in various sizes.

Shade Trees - All trees provide some shade, but the trees we list as shade trees are the ones that are large and dense enough to cast shade on homes, patios and decks. Some exhibit showy fall leaf color, some have unique trunk characteristics such as peeling bark and others have distinctive branching habits. We carry an excellent selection in various sizes that include Maples, Oaks, Linden, Beech, Willows and Ash.

Ornamental Trees - Ornamental trees are unique. They may be either flowering or non-flowering and can also provide shade and fragrance. Some flowering trees available at the nursery are Redbuds, Dogwoods, Ivory Silk Lilac, Flowering Pear, Weeping Cherry, Crabapple, Flowering Plum, and Japanese Snowbell to name a few. Non-flowering ornamental trees include Japanese Threadleaf Maples, Butterfly Maples, Weeping and Tricolor Beech, Paper Bark Maple, and White Birch clumps.

Unique & Unusual - A diverse selection of plants such as Blue Atlas Cedar, Japanese Maples, Verdoni Hinoki Cypress, Spiral, Pom Pon and Poodle Topiaries, Weeping Arborvitae, Montgomery Blue Spruce, Frosted Juniper and Blue Star Juniper on standards and more...

Fruit Trees - Glenmar Nursery carries an extensive selection of fruit trees including 4/1 apple, 4/1 cherry, 4/1 pear, blueberry and raspberry bushes and grape vines.





Shrubs provide beauty and diversity to our landscape. We are known for our outstanding selection and quality. Varieties we carry include flowering shrubs as Spireas, Viburnums, Roses and Potentilla. We carry many evergreen shrubs such as Holly, Boxwood, Conifers and unusual varieties not offered at other nurseries. Glenmar Nursery carries only quality shrubs suited to planting and growing in this area. All shrubs are offered in a variety of sizes, sure to meet your needs.


We feature an outstanding selection of water plants. Please click here to go to our water gardening section.



The nursery carries bagged and bulk materials for all your planting needs — mulches, peat moss, humus, topsoil, fertilizers, Hollytone and lawn care products. We also make bulk delivery of mulch, topsoil, soil amendment, decorative stone, and plant material.